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Welcome to Blue shark Container Services PVT LTD.

Blue Shark Container Services  an organisation of experts committed to professional leasing and sales of containers throughout India. With an unmatched reputation for quality and integrity, we revel in providing solutions and support to customers whenever and wherever they may need them.

Empty Container Depot and Repair Services

Blue Shark Container Services manage the Empty container Storage & Repair Depots. The Company has excellent in house repair facilities, container handling Equipment & well Qualified survey & repair team to adhere to the requirements of Shipping Lines / NVOCCs / Leasing Companies for handling & repair of their containers. The Company also has complete well equipped Security systems / CCTV Cameras installed in all its facilities. Currently we have facilities operational at vichur   & have plans to further establish Depots at various locations of strategic interest across India. 

We handling all type of containers


An open top container is similar in construction to a dry container, except that the roof is replaced...

High-Cube Containers

High-cube containers are similar in structure to standard containers, but are taller in contrast...


A flat rack container is a heavily reinforced steel platform with a wood deck and steel end panels...

General Purpose Dry Containers

Blue Shark container services are built with the utmost precision and attention to detail in products...

Refrigerated & Insulated Containers

Built with high quality materials and lined with high grade stainless steel, we reefer containers...

Accommodation & Office Storage Units

Blue Shark Container Services offers accommodation/ office units and housing options...

Tank Containers

A tank container is built to the ISO standards, making it suitable for different modes of transportation. Both hazardous and non-hazardous products can be transported in tank containers.

The company


Our strength lies in our flexibility and with blue shark, customers enjoy the advantage of engaging with a high quality, cost effective, responsive and creative Container Sales and Repairingservice provider who revels in customer joy.Whatever you need we can provide in this business we are ready to face any challenges and new changes as per our clients requirement.

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